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Kotohira Systems in a Glimpse

Kotohira System established in 1993,  Manufactures & Distributes AC /DC UPS & Batteries from 400VA to 600KVA standalone with specific voltage for input and output in order to reach all customers’ demand.

Their products are installed in Japan railway, nuclear power plant, telecommunication system, air transportation, etc.

Since 2018 Kotohira System has become The Sub-Division And Subsidiary Of Shenzhen Jeidar Electronics, China.

Products & Solutions

NP Series Lead Acid Maintenance Free Batteries

NP Series is a long life design (12 years) sealed lead acid maintenance free batteries. With low calcium alloy steel design, it can be greatly increase the reliability and life time.

4-200AH Lead Acid Maintenance Free Batteries

Battery Features

Fully sealed structure to adapt different application of control room and public area without maintenance requirement.
  • Advance technology to eliminate frequency maintenance
  • Three layer sealed structure can ensure the battery stability.
  • Advance VRLA technology, enhance the battery reliability and quality
  • AGM structure and super ­thick grids state-of-the-art technology to expand life of battery.
  • High quality safe valve design.
Advance production capability and material
  • High Level production quality control system to ensure battery superiority.
  • High Capability of storage time up to half a year without maintenance.
  • Special design for UPS Inverter and Power supply systems
  • Advanced welding and assemblage technology improve anti-­knock to avoid fake welding and usage.
  • Special chemical reaction technology for battery internal structure.


  • Working Temp: ­30°C~45°C,Normally use batteries with 10°C~30°C
  • With lower working temperature, battery actual capacity will be reduced; with higher working temperature battery lifetime will be greatly reduced (Every 10°C raised,Battery lifetime reduce 30%)
  • Storage Temperature: -20 deg C ~40 deg C, Normally controlled within 0 degC~ 40deg C
Specifications Reading 1 Reading 2 Reading 3 Reading 4 Reading 5 Reading 6
Working Temperature – 20 deg C – 10 deg C 0 deg C + 10 deg C + 25 deg C + 40 deg C
C20 Actual Discharge Capacity 58% 72% 85% 92% 100% 109%

Designing Lifetime

Float Charge Lifetime:
  • NP Series has than 24 Ah (3~5 years (20 deg C to 25 deg C)
  • NP Series has than 33 Ah (5~12 years (20 deg C to 25 deg C)
Cycle Lifetime
  • NP Series Cycle Lifetime is 400~800 times (Power Batteries lifetime can be 1000 times)

Charging Feature

  • Float Charge: float charge voltage is 2.25 ~ 2.30 Vdc/cell(25°C) Float charge correction factor is-3m Vdc/°C。
  • Cycle Use: Boost Charge Voltage is 2.40~2.50Vdc/cell 25°C). Boost Charge voltage temp correction factor is ­4m Vdc/°C. Charging current no more than (0.3 C/A) 
  • Equalized Charge: Equalized Charge/pulse charge voltage is 2.30~2.35Vdc/cell @25°C
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Uninterrupted Power Source (UPS)

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Solar System

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