Spot-light: The model FE1-nVO provides 15-30 channels of telephones over E1 transmission, with reversed polarity charging function and call ID display function Features: 1, Low cost solution for analog voice access for end users or big customers 2, 15~30 FXO ports for connection to PABX or PSTN. 3, 15~30 FXS ports for connection of phones (internet dial-up) or faxes. 4, Up-link of the voice equipment is E1. 5, All FXS(FXO) channels support reversed polarity charging function and call ID display function. 6, Easy installation, fast configuration and no maintenance. Specification: E1 interface —Rate: 2.048Mbit/s±50ppm —Impedance:75Ω BNC(unbalanced) —Interface standard: G.703 and G.704 POTS port —FXS port: ring voltage 75 V, ring frequency 25 Hz, impedance 600 Ohm(for -48VDC) ring voltage 57 V, ring frequency 50 Hz, impedance 600 Ohm (for 220VAC) —FXO port: Ringing voltage 35V, Ringing frequency 17-60HZ, Impedance: 600Ω (All telephone channels support inversed polarity charging function and caller ID display function) Power supply — -48VDC or 220VAC —- <30W Operating condition: — temperature-40℃ ~ +70℃ — Humidity 95%, No corrosive and dissolvent gas, no dust Dimension: — 42.8cm × 21.6cm × 4.8cm (can be mounted on 19 inch standard cabinet)

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