Key Features & Benefits

  • Micro compact design means more rack space
  • World leading power density
  • Modular telecom grade rectifiers
  • Available for fast delivery with DC Express


Small and Powerful

Enatel’s microCOMPACT power systems range in power output from 1.6kW to 2.4kW and have a maximum output current of 50A. They are the ideal solution to meet the requirements of telecommunications applications such as access nodes, DAS requirements and micro/pico base stations. The microCOMPACT range was designed with the installer in mind, giving true front-connect for DC outputs and pull-out tray monitor for ease of alarm-cabling installation. With a leading combination of power density and reliability, our microCompacts maximize customer space for revenue-generating equipment, with front connect for ease of installation and maintenance.

Configured to your Requirements

Utilizing Enatel’s intelligent controllers and modular rectifiers, our standalone 1U microCOMPACT DC power systems have been designed to be easily installed in any standard 19” rack or ETSI 515mm/300mm deep rack and can be configured to meet the individual requirements of each customer. Smart rectifier design allows the RM648/RM848 rectifiers to measure and report AC input voltage to the system supervisory module, without the need for additional hardware. New Zealand-made to guarantee design, manufacture and process integrity, our robust, proven conversion topology utilizes only the highest specification components, ensuring unparalleled reliability benefits.

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