The OM20G is an All-in-One telephony system. It provides seamless connectivity to not only PSTN and analog terminals, but also IP-based SIP trunks and SIP terminals. Using VoIP, the OM20G supports inter-office calls over the Internet or VPN.



Product description

· Always Connected with Your Customers
With features such as remote extension, call forking to your mobile phone, and call-back, the OM80E assures you that wherever you are–whether in your office, traveling abroad, or working at home–you will never miss any important business calls.
· Never Miss a Call
The auto-attendant provides 24×7 service to customers, and efficiently directs incoming calls to the extensions or cell phones of the correct person through configurable voice menus for business/non-business hours and holidays. The smart auto-attendant can even deliver the calls from VIP or repeat customers to the appropriate agents directly, bypassing voice menus (caller-agent binding).
· Always in Touch
The OM80E-G has all the features needed to fully support the remote worker, business travel, and communications with branches, all through

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