OP-SDH-8E1+4FE 8E1+4FE SDH Multiplexer is a new generation multi-services transmission and access device based on SDH technologies. The function models design adopts G.783 suggestions and provides complete monitor, access, protection, network management and Ethernet access function. SDH155 can provide 2 STM-1 uplink interfaces, 8 E1 interfaces and 4 10/100BaseT Ethernet interfaces. It adopts modular structure design for flexible service configurations according to different requirements. It can be used as service access and transmission devices on access layer in the data traffic networks, adopts SNMP network management platform which provides grades powerful management based on Service/Client end mode. Product Features
  • High-integration, modularized design.
  • Provide 2 STM-1 uplink interfaces.
  • Provide 1+1 channel protection, realize fast protection switching.
  • 8 E1 interfaces and 4 10/100BaseT Ethernet interfaces.
  • Complete clock function, provide clock tracking and holding functions.
  • 2.048Mbit/s external synchronous signal input/output.
  • Clock resource can select line clock, external clock or free-run.
  • Via SNMP network management system, user can do operations for device and network formed by it and the operations include configuration, maintenance and monitor.
  • Network management can realize five major functions included: configuration, alarm, performance, maintenance and security which satisfy with ITU-T suggestions.
  • Provide Console interface, support local management via serial port on PC.
  • For Ethernet service, GFP and LAPS technology is used, have LCAS function.

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