OP-S3800 Series POE series Ethernet switches are developed by GCOM as a new generation carrier access Ethernet POE devices. These series not only provide high bandwidth transmitting , but also provide remote power supply based on IP terminal devices OP-S3800 POE switches satisfy IEEE standard of 802.3af and 802.3at. The maximum power consumption of each port is 32W, the whole power consumption can reach 400W. Product Features
  • 16K MAC address,Aging time and add/remove static MAC by manual
  • K VLAN entries,Port-based and protocol-based MAC VLAN
  • Bidirectional bandwidth control, configure entry/exit and the smallest 64K control particle
  • Storm-control on port, configure broadcast/multicast/unknown unicast
  • ARP anti-Flooding, configure ARP traffic safety threshold and inhibition ARP packet
  • L2-L4 ACL flow filtration

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