OP-PC-E1-V.35 provides one E1 interface and one V.35 interface to achieve framed E1 interface transferring to V.35 interface. The data channel rate is 2.048Mbps. The device has inter-set loop test function to facilitate the project launching and daily maintenance. Product Features
  • Based on self copyright IC.
  • Have indicator when the device is power-off or E1 line is broken or lose signal;
  • The local device can forced the remote device rate follow it(valid when framed )
  • The hardware realizes any one of 31 time slot any time slot optional (valid when framed)
  • Provide 2 impedances: 75 Ohm unbalance and 120 Ohm balance;
  • After strict testing and practical verification system, completely comply with protocol ITU-T V.35, G.703, G.704
  • Have three Loop Back Mode: E1 interface Loop Back (ANA)、V.35 interface Loop Back(DIG)、Command the remote V.35 interface Loop Back(REM)
  • Have pseudo random code test function, easily line opened, can be used as a 2M BER Tester
  • V.35 interface supports hot-plug, supports DTE or DCE device interconnection
  • Provide 3 clock types: Internal clock, External clock,E1 line clock;
  • AC 220V, DC-48V, DC+24V, DC Power and Polarity-Free

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