Product Features HM-PN08 Telephone Ethernet Optical Transceiver is designed to adapt to the mixed application of telephone and network. The equipment is specially used in electric power, public security, army, oil field and other occasions. Provide 8 ordinary telephone interfaces and 4 Ethernet interfaces (4 Ethernet interfaces share 100Mbps bandwidth) and 2 RS232 data interfaces. Main Features -> With perfect lightning protection design, it can effectively reduce lightning damage -> The voice quality of the phone is clear, stable and reliable -> Ethernet bandwidth is 100Mbps wire speed, shared by 4 ports -> With complete alarm and status indication functions -> Power supply Modular, strong anti-interference ability, long life -> compact design, small size. Main Interface Parameters Ethernet Port: -> Provide 4 shared 100Mbps Ethernet interfaces, fully complying with the IEEE 802.1Q standard -> Provide a list of 1024 MAC addresses, the data flow of the local end will not be transmitted to the remote end -> Support the minimum frame length of 64 bytes, the maximum frame length is 1916 bytes -> Provide traffic statistics of each Ethernet port, such as the number of error packets, total number of packets, etc. -> You can set the rate and full-duplex/half-duplex mode optical interface through the network management: -> Transmission mode: single-mode/multi-mode- > Module type: single fiber/dual fiber- > Optical wavelength: 850nm/1310nm/1550nm -> Interface type: FC/SC/ST -> Transmission distance: 2Km/40Km/60Km /120Km (Standard configuration: single-mode/dual-fiber/FC/1310nm/40Km) Telephone interface: -> Up to 8 ordinary telephones -> Interface impedance: 200Ω+680Ω‖0.1uF -> Frequency characteristics: 300-3400Hz ( -0.6-+3dB) -> Balance noise: ≤-65dBmop -> Interface loop resistance: ≤1800Ω RS232 interface: -> Send output voltage: ±15V -> Receive input voltage: ±15V -> Receive and send maximum rate: 200Kbps other features -> Input voltage: DC-48V, tolerance range -36V~-72V; AC 220V, tolerance range 165V~265V -> Equipment power consumption: ≤10W -> Working temperature: 0℃-70℃ -> Relative Humidity: ≤90% (25°C) -> Dimensions: 218mm (width) × 33.5mm × (height) × 154mm (depth) typical application

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