Product Features HM-C1600 EOP 16E1/Ehternet converter is used to transparently transmit Ethernet data on 1 to 16 E1 lines, and the highest forwarding rate can reach 31.68Mb/s. The international standard (G.7041, G.7042, G.7043, G.8040) protocol is adopted in the protocol processing of each layer, and it can communicate with products of other manufacturers that follow the same standard. It not only provides complete alarm/status indications for E1 lines and Ethernet interfaces, but also has advanced management functions such as Ethernet data flow statistics. It can communicate with products of other manufacturers that follow the same standard. The equipment has high integration, low power consumption, stable performance and convenient use. Product Features Transmission interface : -> Realize the conversion of 1 channel Ethernet data to 1~16 channels of E1 -> Support faulty E1 channel (bit error rate exceeds 1E-6 or serious alarm LOS/AIS/LOF or signal loopback) automatically deleted; after the fault is eliminated, the E1 line will automatically resume use -> among the 16 E1 lines, the maximum tolerable delay difference between any two lines can reach 220ms; when the delay difference exceeds 220ms, a delay will occur Time difference over-limit alarm, while service interruption jitter tolerance, jitter transfer characteristics conform to ITU-T G.823 standard Ethernet interface : -> Provide up to four shared Ethernet interfaces, support port-based VLAN division, fully comply with IEEE 802.1Q standard -> Provides a list of 1024 MAC addresses, and the data traffic at the local end will not be transmitted to the remote end -> Supports a minimum frame length of 64 bytes and a maximum frame length of 1916 bytes -> Provides traffic statistics for each Ethernet port , such as the number of error packets, the total number of packets, etc. -> Support PAUSE flow control function, network management can be equipped with device management interface : -> Support network management based on serial super terminal or network management based on SNMP (optional) in line with ITU-T standard protocol : -> GFP-F encapsulation recommendation G.7041 -> VCAT virtual concatenation and LCAS link capacity adjustment method recommendation G.7042 -> Ethernet to nxE1 mapping recommendation G.7043 -> Ethernet to single E1 mapping recommendation G.8040 Others: -> When the transmission bandwidth is increased, the Ethernet data will not be damaged; when the transmission bandwidth is artificially reduced, the Ethernet data can also be realized through the network management . When a fault occurs in one direction of the branch, the other direction can still work -> E1 signal loopback automatic detection and cut-off function; This road E1 automatically resumes use. It realizes avoiding the generation of network storm without interrupting the business. -> Complete alarm indication, can choose to display local/remote alarms -> Support the line side loopback function of the local E1, which is convenient for testing the E1 line Network management EOP 16E1/ETHERNET converter supports SNMP-based network management (optional), and performs various configurations, alarm queries and monitoring on devices. EOP 16E1/ETHERNET converter also supports network management based on RS232 serial port.

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